Healing the Heart 

Women's Circles

What are Women's Circles?

Circling is a process for women to bring balance and harmony to our lives. Thousands of women around the globe sit in circle every week, this sacred transformative space, provides an authentic containing connection so essential for our lives, an opportunity to slow down, to calm and listen to the cycles of our life. 

Why are women circling?

Being in circle is an ancient practice, and is still practiced in many indigenous cultures. The experience brings healing and sacred connection. Women in the western world have been meeting in circles as mothers, older women or menstruating women, or in association with other cycles like the year, and our moon. Circling is a growing practice, I think this stems from women longing for deep authentic connection, to feel sisterhood and to support each other’s growth and expansion. Does your tribe keep coming to your mind? Are you seeking soulful connection? If this is something that you have been wanting to call in too, I’d love for you to be involved in what we are creating, join me and be part of the revolution.

What can be gained?

The chance to develop a regular practice of authentic, connection, 
to share your soul, to be seen as you,
the opportunity to sit in the safe space of sisterhood.
My mission is to bring awareness to the upleveling of the feminine principle, to bring life back as our priority for the health of us individually, collectively and for the planet. x